When you are finished adding Steps, Inputs and creating Step and Input rules for your Wizard (along with any other settings), you can activate your Wizard design to make it available to users from the Wizards tab. You can also activate a Wizard design which has been previously deactivated.

You can activate your Wizard Design from two locations within the Configurable Wizard:

  • from the Wizard Step Rules tab.

  • from the Wizard Settings page.

To activate a Wizard Design

  1. Navigate to the Wizard Designer Wizard Settings page or Wizard Step Rules tab.
  2. Click Activate. A pop-up dialog is displayed to confirm activation.

  3. Click Activate to activate your Wizard or click Cancel to return to the Wizard to make more edits. 

    The new Wizard is now available to be run from the Wizards tab.

Reviewing a Wizard Design following Activation

After the Wizard is activated, the Activate button changes to Activated

To review the Wizard design, go to the Wizard Designs tab and click Edit next to the Wizard design.

You can explore the Wizard, but you cannot make any further edits once it has been activated. You can take the following actions to review the design:

  • From the Wizard Design or Step Settings you can hover over a step or input and click View to view the Step or Input Settings.

  • From Wizard Step Rules you can hover over a rule to view rule details.

  • Similarly, from Step Input rules you can hover over an input rule to view rule details.