Clause versioning allows you to view all the versions of a clause along with the modified text. You can view the number of times the clause is revised in the version number column of the Agreement Clauses section. Each clause has a single entry with the revised number. 


To access this feature you need to install Contract Management dependent packages—DocuSign API (v5.88), Contract DocuSign Integration (v3.38), and EchoSign Integration (v7.30).

To view versions of a clause

  1. Navigate to the Agreement Detail page
  2. In the Master Agreement Clauses section, click the number hyperlink in the No. of Versions column.
    This opens a <clause name> Version History popup. You can view different versions of the clause on the left pane and the clause text on the right.
  3. Turn on Show Changes to view changes in clause text.
  4. Select a different version of the clause on the left pane to view the clause text of that version.

The Show Changes toggle is not enabled for the first version of the clause.

A clause status is updated based on the agreement action. The following are the agreement actions and their corresponding clause statuses.

Agreement ActionClause Status
Generate or RegenerateOriginal
Store Executed Agreement, Upload Signed Document, or eSignFinal
Create Offline Agreement or Import Offline DocumentInserted
A smart clause is modified and checked-in from X-Author ContractsModified
A smart clause is deleted and checked-in from X-Author ContractsDeleted
A main clause is replaced with an alternate clause in OCCSwapped
Checking in from X-Author Contracts as Final to be signedNo status change