You can opt to use the old send for review UI by configuring the Send For Review Custom button. You can restrict users from sending non-essential agreements or documents for review by passing Agreement IDs or Document IDs as parameters in the formula field. You can add document IDs of the related, parent, sibling, or child agreements. If any document IDs of documents mentioned in the formula field are in review, those documents are not listed when a user sends agreement documents for review. For more information on sending documents for review, see Sending an Agreement Document for Parallel Review and Sending an Agreement Document for Review.

To configure the send for review custom button

  1. Go to Setup > Object Manager > Agreement > Fields & Relationships.

  2. Click New and select Formula.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Enter Send For Review Custom in the Field Label field and select Text.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Enter a formula.


    IF (OR(ISPICKVAL(Apttus__Status_Category__c,"In Signatures"), ISPICKVAL(Apttus__Status_Category__c,"In Authoring")),IF(OR($User.UIThemeDisplayed == 'Theme4d', $User.UIThemeDisplayed == 'Theme4t', $User.UIThemeDisplayed == 'Theme4u'), HYPERLINK("/apex/Apttus__SendForReview?id="&Id & "&action=Send_To_Other_Party_For_Review&documentIdsCsv=0693h000009t9pdAAA,0693h00000AKhjOAAT,0693h00000AKhjTAAT,0693h00000AKhk2AAD", IMAGE("/resource/Apttus__LightningResource/images/actions/sendforreview.svg", "Send For Review"), "_self"), HYPERLINK("/apex/Apttus__SendEmail?id="&Id & "&action=Send_To_Other_Party_For_Review", IMAGE("/resource/Apttus__LightningResource/images/actions/sendforreview.svg", "Send For Review"), "_self")), NULL)
  7. Configure the APTS_CustomLinksforActionPanel admin entry to view the new Send for Review Custom button in the Additional actions section of an agreement. For more information, see Admin Entries.