You can import third-party or offline documents into CLM and run the document through the contract management lifecycle. You can also update the existing document version by importing a document so that the document versioning can be tracked as a single document version. You can import the document as a major version, minor version, or create a custom version. You can also import the document using intelligent discovery to extract and organize unstructured text.


  • The intelligent discovery settings must be configured to import documents using Intelligent Discovery. For more information, see the Managing Offline Agreements.
  • The XAJS End Point comply system property must be enabled. For more information, see Comply System Properties.
  • The maximum recommended file size to upload files is 200 MB.

To import an offline document without updating an existing document version

  1. On the Agreement Detail page, click Import Offline Document to view the Import Document page.

    When you import an offline Conga document that was generated from an existing agreement into a new agreement, the existing metadata is removed and the metadata of the new agreement is added. 

  2. Toggle the Use Intelligent Discovery button on to perform the intelligent discovery or leave the button as is to import the document without intelligent discovery.
  3. You can either click Upload Files or drag and drop your files. If you had turned on the Use Intelligent Discovery toggle, you can upload only one document.
    The Upload Files popup is displayed. 

    You can upload a maximum of 10 documents at once. Repeat the import process to upload more documents.

    You can upload file formats that are not restricted by the Administrator. For more information, see Admin Entries.

  4. After the upload completes, click Done.
    A list of files uploaded is displayed. You can add comments for each uploaded file.

    If you upload a single file, you can toggle the Use Intelligent Discovery button on and for the uploaded document to be intelligently imported. If you upload multiple files, you cannot turn the Use Intelligent Discovery on

    For information on checking the intelligent discovery processing status in Lightning, see Reviewing an Agreement Created by Intelligent Discovery.

  5. If you upload an incorrect document, click the delete icon () to remove it.
  6. Add a comment for each file in the Comments column. After you import the document, you can view the added comments in the Document Version Detail page.

  7. Click Import. You are taken to the Agreement Detail page.
    When a document is imported using Intelligent Discovery, the status category updates to Import and status updates to Review. When a document is imported without Intelligent Discovery, the status category and the status do not change.

To import an offline document by updating an existing document version

Prerequisite: When the Ancestor selection for Import Offline comply system property is enabled, you can view the Import Documents popup. For more information, see Comply System Properties.

  1. Perform steps mentioned in the "To import an offline document without updating an existing document version" section above.
  2. On the Import Documents popup, toggle Create Major/Minor Version on.
  3. From the Document Version dropdown, select a document from the list of latest document versions.

    You can view agreement documents in the Document Version dropdown.

  4. From the Version Type dropdown, select a version type.

    If you select Custom as version type, you can enter a version number up to 9999.9999.

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all documents you imported.

    Make sure to select different existing documents for all imported documents. 

  6. Click Import to go to the Agreement Detail page. A version number is assigned to imported documents based on the document version and version type you selected.