You can import supporting documents in a version-aware agreement. You can also select Document Type while importing the supporting document. The Import Supporting Document option is available irrespective of the agreement status and status category.

To import supporting documents 

  1. In the Agreement Action Panel, click Import Supporting Document.
    This displays the Import Supporting Document page.
  2. You can either click Upload Files or drag and drop your files. 
    This displays the Upload Files popup. 

    You can upload a maximum of 10 documents at once. Repeat the import process if you need to upload more documents.

  3. After the upload completes, click Done.
    A list of files uploaded is displayed. You can add comments for each uploaded file. You can also change the Document Type to Other or custom. The default Document Type is set to Supporting Document.

  4. Click Import
  5. After the import completes, you are navigated to the Agreement Detail page.
    You will receive an email after the documents are imported. The imported documents are added as a major version with the name as Supporting Document in the Document Version related list.