The following table lists the configurations that you must perform to allow users to use parallel review. For more information on the parallel review, see Sending an Agreement Document for Parallel Review.

Comply system propertiesSee Comply System Properties.
Parallel ReviewRequired to send documents for parallel review.
Enable Document VersioningRequired to send documents for parallel review.
Parallel Review for related agreements 

Required to send related agreements for parallel review.

Filter By The Primary Agreement StatusRequired to filter Related, Sibling, Parent, or Child agreement documents based on the primary agreement status.
Enable document permissions for reviewRequired to view the Set field and clause permission toggle in the second step.
Comply user propertiesSee Comply User Properties. 
Show Add More Button During ReviewRequired to customize the visibility of Add more button for specific profiles or users.
Admin entriesSee Admin Entries.

Required to retain the name of the imported document in the merged document.

When a parallel review ends for an imported document, the reviewed document is merged with the latest reviewed document. 

APTS_EmailTemplateForReviewSignatures or APTS_EmailTemplateForReview

Required to configure default email template to send documents for review.

If the admin entries (APTS_EmailTemplateForReviewSignatures or APTS_EmailTemplateForReview) are not configured, the default email template is set to the template provided by Conga.

If no Email Template is selected and no default email template has been configured (using APTS_EmailTemplateForReview), the Email Template "Email Template For Review Signature" is used. In most cases, this template is not configured as "Available for Use" and must be manually set to true or an error will occur. In the case of a new installation of the package (non-upgrade), this Email Template is automatically configured as "Available for Use."

APTS_DefaultEmailTemplateFolder Not applicable for send for review flow from the Dec '21 release.
APTS_SkipEmailTemplateSelection Required if you need to disable the selection of email templates.
APTS_EnableValidationForEmailWithoutUserContactRequired if you need users to enter valid email IDs or contacts in the To or Additional To fields. Applicable in Salesforce Classic mode.
APTS_DefaultEmailContactNameRequired to update activity history. Applicable in Salesforce Classic mode.
APTS_EnableCustomEmailAddressLookupRequired to view the custom pop-up page; otherwise, the standard Salesforce pop-up page is displayed.
APTS_SuppressAutoReviewEmailsRequired to unsubscribe review emails (review completion, review error, and review cycle completion).
Email templatesSee Editing Classic Email Templates.
The following email templates can be customized for the review cycle notifications.
  • Parallel Review Cycle Complete Notification
  • Parallel Review Cycle Complete Without Document Notification
  • Parallel Review Incorrect File Upload Notification
  • Parallel Review Submission Failure Notification
If you delete an email template from CLM, the document reviewers do not receive the email notification related to the deleted email template.
ParallelReviewCycleCancelNotificationRequired to notify reviewers when a review cycle is canceled. For more information, see .Prerequisites for Parallel Review vDecember-21.
Email Service for Ending Review by EmailSee Configuring Email Service for Ending Parallel Review by Email.
Agreement protection

Required to apply protection to the documents being sent for review.

When you select any of the document protection options except Ignore, the document protection selected while sending for review is given priority irrespective of the document protection applied while generating the document. For configuring document protection, see Configuring Agreement Document Protection.

You can see the Set Document Permissions page if Agreement Document Protection rules for "Send to Other Party for Review" are specified and properties for document protection are enabled. For more information, see Configuring Agreement Document Protection.

Custom button - Send For Review CustomRequired to use the old Send for Review UI. For more information, see Configuring Send for Review Custom Button.
Review Status PanelRequired to view the review status panel on the agreement detail page. For more information, see Adding Review Status Panel on the Agreement Detail Page
Configure Agreement Documents and Related Documents columnsYou must configure registration settings to allow users to configure Agreement Documents and Related Documents columns on the first step of review. For more information, see Generating Registration Setting.