An agreement passes through various phases during the agreement lifecycle, from the time the agreement is created until the agreement is activated. Sometimes, the agreement is managed offline and the contract manager will need to upload the executed document. Also while uploading a signed agreement offline, you can upload the executed agreement. 

An executed document is a finalized version of an agreement that is ready for activation in the Contract Management application.


  • At least one template must exist for the corresponding agreement record type.
  • Refer to Managing Offline Agreements for admin configurations. 

To store an executed document

  1. Click Store Executed Agreement link under Links. This displays the Select Agreement Record Type page.
  2. Select an agreement record type from the Record Type of new record drop-down list and click Continue. This displays the New Offline Agreement page.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. In the Select the File section, click Choose File to select a document to attach to this agreement. This displays the Open window. 
  5. Navigate to the file you want to upload. Select the file and click Open.
  6. In the Click the "Attach File" button section, click Attach File to create the offline agreement with the selected document attached to the agreement.
  7. In the Select this option for Intelligent extraction of data and clauses from uploaded file, select the Intelligent Discovery checkbox for intelligent data extraction.


    You can leave the Intelligent Discovery checkbox unselected if you want to import the document without intelligent data extraction. For information on checking the intelligent discovery processing status in Lightning, see Reviewing an Agreement Created by Intelligent Discovery.

  8. Click Continue. This displays the Agreement Edit page. 
  9. Enter values into any required fields (marked in red) and additional fields as needed to complete the agreement record details.
  10. Click Save. This displays a message stating that Intelligent Discovery will create a batch. 
    You will also receive an email notification with the IDEJobProcess status and error information.
  11. Click Ok. This displays the Agreement Detail page.
    For the imported agreement with Intelligent Discovery, the Status Category is set to Import and Status is set to Review. For the imported agreement without intelligent discovery, the Status Category is set to In Filling. 
    In the Agreement Clauses section, the clause Action is displayed as Final. When Document Versioning is enabled, the document is added to the Document Versions related list. When Document Versioning is disabled, the document is added to the Notes & Attachments section. 

In the version aware agreements, the document type of the uploaded executed documents is updated as an Executed Document.