You can click the Agreement Hierarchy button on the Account Detail page to view all the agreements created for it. The agreement hierarchy page displays a hierarchical list of agreements related to the current account. The current account refers to the account for which you are viewing the agreement hierarchy. Hierarchical relationships to the current account include:

  • parent agreements
  • child agreements
  • related agreements
  • amended & renewed agreements and agreements related to them

The fields displayed on the account card (first card) are according to the value set for the APTS_AccountHierarchyFields admin object. The fields displayed on the agreement cards are based on the APTS_AgreementHierarchyFields admin object. For more information, see Admin Entries


The Agreement Hierarchy button is configured. For more information, see Adding Agreement Hierarchy Button for Accounts.

To view agreement details and related agreements

  1. Navigate to the Accounts tab.
  2. Click an account name.
  3. Click Agreement Hierarchy.
  4. Hover over an account card and click .

    Scroll the page by mouse drag (mouse click and drag) to view required agreement card.

  5. Select either of the following options:
    1. Select View Record from the menu to view the details of the agreement. The Agreement Detail page of the selected agreement opens in a new tab. 
    2. Select Show Related Agreements from the menu. A window containing Child Agreements and Related Agreement opens.

To view child agreements

  1. If an agreement has child agreements, you can view  before the account card.
  2. Click  to view the child agreements of the agreement.