After the agreement is finalized and signed between the engaged parties, you can activate the agreement to bring it into effect. Activating an agreement record is very important because it ensures that key dates and events will be monitored by the system and that all in-effect agreements are included in appropriate searches, reports, and views. As a part of the activation sequence, CLM ensures that your organization has identified and attached the proper, final executed version of the agreement. 

When you activate an agreement, the following documents are selected by default for activation:

  • The latest Document Versions from Document Versions Detail.
  • All the documents from Notes and Attachments and Files.
  • All the executed documents.

When you unselect a document during activation:

  • In version-aware agreements, the unselected documents along with their versions (if any) are deleted from the Document Versions Detail.
  • In non-version-aware agreements, the unselected documents are deleted from Notes & Attachments and Files.

You can publish documents to different content repositories according to the APTS_ContentRepositoryType admin entry configuration. You can select or unselect documents on the agreement activation page according to the APTS_ActivateDocumentsSelectAll and APTS_ActivateDocumentsSelectable admin entries configuration. You can turn off the Publish toggle button according to the APTS_ActivateDocumentsPublishAll admin entry. For more information, see Configuring Activation Settings and Admin Entries.


  • You cannot activate an agreement if review cycles are In Progress.
  • You must have an existing reviewed and signed agreement document.
  • You must ensure that the agreement record's status category is In Signatures or In Filing.
  • You can edit the classic activation email template. For more information, see Editing Classic Email Templates.
  • The APTS_AgreementDocumentActivateMaxFileSize admin entry must be configured to upload documents of size more than 5 MB. For more information, see Admin Entries


  • You cannot unselect executed documents during activation.
  • When the combined size of documents exceeds 5 MB during activation and the APTS_ContentRepositoryType admin entry value is set to Document, you will encounter an error. If you need to activate an agreement with large files, ensure that the APTS_ContentRepositoryType admin entry value is set to none, content, or chatter.

To activate an agreement 

  1. On the Agreement detail page, from the Agreement Actions section, click Activate.
  2. (Optional) By default, all the agreement documents are selected. Unselect the agreement documents that you do not need in the activated agreement. The Publish option is toggled off if you unselect a document and you cannot toggle it on. You can toggle the Publish option off for a document without unselecting the document if you do not want to publish the document. 

    You can use the Publish All toggle to turn on or turn off the publish toggle for all documents.

  3. Click Activate.
    This displays the Activate Agreement popup. 

  4. (Optional) Turn on the Notify others toggle to notify other stakeholders. Enter the Users, Contact, or email addresses of the stakeholders in the To field. 

    You will receive an email after the agreement is activated irrespective of whether the Notify others toggle is on or off. The email subject and body are read-only fields, but your administrator can change the email template from the classic email templates. For more information, see Editing Classic Email Templates.

  5. Documents selected for activation are attached to the activation notification email by default. 
    (Optional) Unselect documents in the Attach documents to email section that you do not want to attach to the activation notification email. 
  6. Click Activate.
    An email is sent to you after the agreement is activated. The Status Category changes to In Effect and the Status changes to Activated.

    When the APTS_RestrictEmailToCurrentUserOnActivate admin entry is set to true, the agreement activation email notification is not sent to the current user.

     The activated agreement record can now be amended or renewed or terminated or expired.

If you activate an agreement containing documents larger than 25 MB, you will see an intermittent Status Category | StatusIn Effect | Being Activated. After the agreement activation is processed, Status Category | Status changes to In Effect | Activated.