Alternate clauses are substitutes for the main clause. You can create an alternate clause or change the clause type of the main clause in X-Author for Contracts. You can add alternate clauses as a substitute to the main clause and also edit the ranking of the associated alternate clause of any standard clause in CLM. According to the rank assigned to the alternate clause, you can replace the main clause in the agreement. If you assign the first rank to an alternate clause, the first rank alternate clause appears first when you swap or replace a main clause. 


Ensure that you have created alternate and main clauses.


  • You can add alternate clauses to a main clause, but you cannot add alternate clauses for an alternate clause.
  • You must not create an alternate clause from CLM.

To add alternate clauses to a main clause

  1. Navigate to the Templates tab.
  2. Select a main clause.
  3. Click the Alternate Clauses tab.
  4. Click the Select Alternatives button.
  5. Select the alternate clauses.
  6. Click Add.

To configure the ranking of the alternate clauses

  1. Click the Sort Alternates button.
  2. Use the arrows in the Action column to rearrange the ranking of the alternate clauses.
  3. Click Save.

To remove an alternate clause from the main clause

  1. Click the icon.
  2. Select Remove.