To provide more flexibility when running Wizards, a Wizard user can access the Preview Progress Bar, which tracks the Wizard as steps are completed. The Wizard user can use the Preview Progress Bar to navigate to other steps in the Wizard freely. Use the Preview Progress Bar to:

  • Preview a future step in the Wizard if you had previously navigated to that step.
  • Track overall completion progress.
  • Return to a previous step in the Wizard to complete responses or correct a mistake.
  • View a full preview of all completed responses.

Using the Preview Progress Bar

  1. Launch a new Wizard from the Wizard Launcher tab. 
  2. On the Progress Bar, you will see one of two possible views:
    • If you are running a linear, step-by-step Wizard with no conditionally-shown steps, you will be able to see and navigate to any step in the Wizard.

    • If the Wizard you are running contains any conditional steps, you will only see the current step and the "Preview" step. The preview Progress Bar will display additional steps as you complete the current step and conditions are satisfied to include the other steps in the Wizard.
  3. Click Previous to return to the last step you worked with.
  4. After you have completed all the steps, the Preview page is displayed. Click the Edit button to navigate back to that step and update the required details.


If a step has a two-column layout then that step is not displayed on the Preview page. For more information on how to configure a two-column layout in the wizard, see Creating Steps from the Wizard Designer in Contract Management on Salesforce Administrator Guide.