At any point in the negotiation process, prior to finalizing the document, you can send an agreement document for review to your customers or other parties involved in the negotiation. After an agreement document is generated, you can send it for internal or external review to one or more reviewers. You can also select multiple Apttus documents and send them for review.

The parallel review is an unordered workflow that allows reviewers to review an agreement document without having to wait for another reviewer to approve it. After the review cycle has started, you can view the review progress for the document in the Document Versions section, whether the review cycle is In Progress, Cancelled, or Completed. A reviewer can upload the reviewed document or send the reviewed document to the Contract Administrator to upload it. The review cycle is marked as complete when all the reviewers have uploaded their reviewed documents. You can track review activity in the Document Version section on the Agreement Detail page when you send the agreement for review, add additional reviewers, cancel review, or end review.

You can only send documents with DOCX format and the Document Type as Agreement Document for parallel review. If you send documents for parallel review with any other file format (PDF, PNG, DOC, etc.), the documents will go through the normal review (not parallel review). If you send documents with other file formats along with DOCX, the documents with other file formats will go through the normal review whereas the document with DOCX file format and the Document Type as Agreement Document will go through the parallel review. If you select documents with Document Type as Agreement Document and other file formats (PDF, PNG, DOC, etc.), you will see the send for review page instead of the parallel review page.

This feature spans X-Author Contracts and Contract Management. For more information, refer to Send for Parallel Review in the X-Author Contracts on Salesforce User Guide.


  • You must enable "Parallel Review" and "Enable Document Versioning" Comply System Properties.
  • You must have a generated agreement document.

  • You must ensure that the Status Category of the Agreement is In Authoring or In Signatures.
  • You can only send DOCX documents for parallel review. 
  • When you track the review status from X-Author Contracts, the buttons on the Review Cycle page are disabled.

To send an agreement document for review

  1. On the Agreement detail page, click the Send for Review button.
  2. Select a DOCX file to send for review and click Next.
  3. (Optional) Select files to attach to the review email from Parent, Child, or other agreement records. 
    1. Select a type of agreement. 
    2. Select any attachment from the list displayed under "Attachments" to add to the review email.
    3. Repeat steps a – b for additional agreement types.
    4. Click Next when you have completed attaching the review documents.


      You can view the Choose Related Document(s) page only when the current agreement has related or child records.

  4. (Optional) Select a type of document protection to be applied to the documents selected as attachments in previous steps.


    You can view the Set Document Permissions page only if the Agreement Document Protection rules for "Send to Other Party for Review" are specified and properties for document protection are enabled. For more information, see Setting Up Agreement Document Protection and Admin Objects in the Contract Management Administrator Guide.

  5. (Optional) Select an appropriate email template for your agreement document and click Next.

    Important Notes on Email Template Selection

    • A default email template is usually configured by your administrator for the Send for Review action. Check with your administrator if you are unsure.
    • If no Email Template is selected and no default email template has been configured, the Email Template "Apttus Email Template For Review Signature" is applied. In most cases, this template is not configured as "Available for Use" and must be manually set to true or an error will occur. In the case of a new installation of the package (non-upgrade), this Email Template is automatically configured as "Available for Use."
    • You cannot return to this page after you click Next. If you decide you want to use a different email template after this step, you will have to cancel the Send for Review and start over from the agreement record.
  6. In the Contact field, enter the name or use the Lookup to find the contact.


    At least one recipient must be specified in the Contact field. If the email IDs or contacts specified in the Contact or User or Email fields are invalid, when the APTS_EnableValidationForEmailWithoutUserContact property is set to true, an error is displayed.

  7. Enter or use the Lookup icon to add recipients to the User or Email field.

  8. (Optional) Modify Subject and Body of the review email and click Send. This action is logged in the Activity History. The Status Category changes to In Authoring and the Status changes to Other Party Review for the current agreement.
    An email notification with the review document as an attachment is sent to all the reviewers. The review document name is prefixed with the reviewer's email id. 

To view review cycle of an agreement

  1. Navigate to the Agreement detail page of an agreement sent for parallel review.
  2. Go to the Document Versions section.
  3. In the Review Status column, click the In Progress link to open the Review Cycle page.


The Review Status column displays the Not Started link till the emails are sent to all the recipients. When you refresh the page you can see the In Progress link in the Review Status column.

To add additional reviewers to the review cycle

  1. Navigate to the Review Cycle page.

  2. Click Add Reviewer. This opens the Email Edit page.

  3. Enter Contact or User or Email details.
  4. Click Send. An email notification is sent to the reviewer. 

To end review in a review cycle

  1. Navigate to the Review Cycle page.
  2. Click the End Review button in the Actions column for a reviewer. This opens the Upload Document (End Review) window.

  3. (Optional) Click End Review to end the review without uploading the reviewed document. A message is displayedyour request to end the review is being processed and you will be notified upon completion.
    An email notification is sent to the reviewer that the review was ended without uploading the reviewed document.
  4. To upload the reviewed document, click Choose File
  5. Select the reviewed document from your local drive and click Open.
    If you select a document unrelated to the current review cycle, an error is displayed.
  6. Click Upload. A success message is displayed.
  7. Add a comment (optional) and click End Review. A message is displayedyour request to end the review is being processed and you will be notified upon completion.
  8. Click Ok. The review status changes to Completed for the reviewer on the Review Cycle page.
    You must end review for each document individually. After the end review request is processed, the checkbox, End Review, and Cancel Review are not visible for that reviewer. The reviewed document is merged with the latest version of the document. When you end the review for all the reviewers, the review cycle status changes from In Progress to Completed


    You can click the Upload Review Document button on the Agreement Detail page to end the review for a document. The corresponding review status for the reviewer changes to Completed.

    If two or more reviewers have reviewed the same field or content, the review of the last reviewer is considered as final.

To cancel review in a review cycle

Prerequisite: The Review Status must be in In Progress status to view the Cancel Review button.

  1. Navigate to the Review Cycle page.
  2. Click the Cancel Review button in the Actions column for a reviewer or select multiple reviewers and click the Cancel Review button in the header. This opens the Cancel Review window.

  3. Add a comment (optional) and click Submit. The review status for that reviewer changes to Cancelled on the Review Cycle page and the reviewer receives a notification email regarding cancellation of the review. The review cycle status remains In Progress until all the reviews are completed or Cancelled. If you cancel the review for all the reviewers, each reviewer's review status and the review cycle status changes to Cancelled and the original document is available for activation. If one reviewer has completed the review but other reviews are Cancelled in that review cycle, the review cycle status changes to Completed, and the reviewed document is considered as the final version. 

To submit a reviewed document via email

Prerequisite: You must configure the email service and admin entry to submit a reviewed document via email. For more information, see Configuring Email Service for Ending Review by Email in Contract Management on Salesforce Administrator Guide.

  1. Open the email containing the review document.
  2. Download the document and make the required changes.
  3. Reply to the review email by attaching the reviewed document and adding your comments in the email body.
  4. To verify if the review has ended for you:
    1. Navigate to the Review Cycle page of the agreement that you have reviewed.
    2. You can see that the Review Status is Completed and the Comments column has your review comments.


    If you do not reply to the review email with an agreement document that belongs to the current review cycle, you will receive an email notification to attach a valid document.

    The agreement documents that are in the review are locked and will not be available for sending for review and activation.