You can build three main document types in Collaborate:

Proposal / Contract / Presentation documents are the end products you will send to your recipients. You can build these from scratch or from an existing Template document.

Template Documents are standardized shells that you can personalize when you build Documents for specific situations and clients. Templates simplify your document creation by giving you a starting point.

Content includes Content, Images, Files, and Text Snippets that you may use in your Conga Collaborate documents. Upload any Content, and it hangs out in your Content Library, ready to be popped into the next document you want it for.

Themes govern the look and feel of your content for both Template and Proposal document types.

Maintaining Master Copies with Referenced Content

For a piece of content that is identical across multiple templates—say, a Terms & Conditions page that you use for different industries and so in different templates—Referenced Content enables you to keep a master copy in your Content Library.

Instead of maintaining the Terms & Conditions page on each template and having to remember which templates in your library contain Terms & Conditions, you can use Referenced Content to pull the right content and the right template. Any updates you make to the Terms & Conditions master copy in the Content Library will flow through to the Templates where it’s been added as Referenced Content.

Any Documents created from those Templates using Referenced Content will have the up-to-date Terms & Conditions when you create them.