Not everyone you send Collaborate documents to has experience with our platform or electronic documents in general. Most recipients are familiar with e-mail, but may still expect contractual documents to be sent via fax or USPS. Easing the transition from a paper/wet signature approach to the fast, easy eSignature process is paramount to a fantastic recipient experience.

Providing more information at key points of the workflow can ease the recipient’s transition from the paper process to the fast and easy electronic one. The language in the example below is helpful for giving recipients a quick rundown of what they’ll do after they receive access to your documents. It’s all yours if you’d like to use it.

You may find that including the verbiage above or something similar will answer all of your clients' questions about the new process before it even begins. However, we have found that some recipients may need further instruction once they’ve landed in the document itself. Providing a Cover Letter as the first page of the document you are sending is a good way to continue to lead the client in this new process.

This cover letter can explain the various pieces of the electronic document the recipient is currently seeing. Mentioning the important pieces like the Table of Contents on the left-hand side for navigation throughout the document and reiterating the Calls to Action at the top of the document are both good callouts for your recipients. You can also inform them of the Next Steps panel and it’s role in providing context for the status of the document. If you have enabled features to allow your recipients to create Change Requests or Add New Recipients, the Cover Letter is a great place to call these actions out.

Easing your recipients' transition to electronic document delivery and acceptance doesn’t have to be complicated. Providing simple, instructive information at key points in the workflow can go a long way to answering your new recipients' questions. If you have any other creative ways you’ve helped your recipients with the transition please let us know!

Hello [NAME],

I’ve created a [QUOTE / PROPOSAL / CONTRACT] for your review in [MY COMPANY NAME]’s secure online document management system. Click the link below to log into the document, review terms and pricing, ask questions, and submit your electronic acceptance of the agreement.

A few notes for your convenience:

  • In the upper right corner of the screen, you’ll see buttons labeled [List Call to Actions]
  • An authorized signer may click [Accept] to submit a legally binding electronic signature for the pricing and terms described in the document.
  • Click [Ask a Question] to submit a note to me, and I’ll follow up with you shortly.
  • If you need to review this document offline, click the button labeled Download at the bottom of the left-hand menu to produce a PDF copy.

Thanks for your consideration and please let me know if you have any questions.

Best Regards,