Conga provides a RESTful API which gives you control of many of the common functions offered through the Conga Collaborate platform. This gives anyone the ability to automate and embed functionality into their own application, manage users, and trigger additional workflows. 

The Conga Collaborate API adheres to the principles of RESTful web services. The Conga Collaborate REST API uses standard web technologies, such as JSON and XML to expose application logic and data, and enable developers to use any language and environment that is capable of connecting to the Web.

  • Uses SSL (HTTPS) to ensure all data is secure. Calls made over plain HTTP will fail.
  • Uses API Key to validate API users, which can be created from the User profile page. API requests without authentication will fail.
  • By default, Conga Collaborate API access is available by default for all accounts.
  • Supports standard HTTP verbs: