Update the Conga Collaborate managed packaged to use the latest features and functionality.

The Collaborate managed package requires a patch install in order to upgrade from Version 1.22 to Version 1.24 (current version as of February 2019).

Updating to the new version will keep you up to date and allow you to take advantage of new features in the integration. Some of the notable updates in this new package are:

  • Removed deprecated package components
  • Template Name is now available as a field on the Octiv Documents object

  • Managed package installation now includes a step to set your Collaborate URL

The Collaborate managed package can be upgraded and/or reinstalled without removing any existing Collaborate data or settings.

  1. Determine the current package version.
    1. In your Salesforce instance, navigate to Setup.
    2. In the Quick Find bar, search for and click Installed Packages.
    3. Identify the Conga Collaborate Version Number.
  2. Determine upgrade steps based on the current package version.
    1. If the current version is Version 1.24 or higher (latest version as of February 2019), no action is required.
    2. If the current version is Version 1.22.1, directly update to the latest version of Collaborate.
    3. If the current version is Version 1.22 or lower, first install the patch package (Version 1.22.1) and then update to Version 1.24.

You will be unable to update your installed package directly from Version 1.22 to Version 1.24 without first installing the patch package (Version 1.22.1). Salesforce blocks this package upgrade because Version 1.24 removes unused legacy Apex code that one or more Visualforce pages or global Visualforce components need in order to function.

  1. Perform the upgrade.
    1. Log into the Salesforce instance in which you wish to install the update Collaborate package.
    2. If needed, first install the patch package, Version 1.22.1.
    3. Use this link to Install in Sandbox or this link to install in Production.
    4. Choose security settings for the package install (we recommend Install for All Users), then click Upgrade.
    5. Click Done.
    6. (Optional) Once Version 1.22.1 in installed, install Version 1.24. Click this link to install in Sandbox or this link to install in Production.

Once the package is installed, you can go back to the Installed Packages page and view the Unused Components. These items are no longer needed with the new package version 1.24. You may delete these components from your Salesforce instance. As a managed package provider, Collaborate cannot go into your Salesforce instance and delete these or include code in the patch package to delete them.