You can control the date your Content appears in—and are hidden from—your Content Library. That means no Content can be used before its time, and you never have outdated files lingering in your account to add confusion and make errors all too easy. You ensure that your content shows up for use only when you want it to by setting publish and expiration dates.

An expired Content element stays in the documents you’ve inserted it into, but it no longer appears in your Content Library. You can still pull it up if you need it by using the Expired filter to search. And if you decide you want to bring it back into heavy rotation, just reset the expiration date.

Use the steps below to set publish and/or expiration dates for your Content:

  1. In your Content Library, click the file you want to add a publish date or an expiration date to.
  2. Click the pencil icon above your Content Library.
  3. Use the editing panel that appears on the right of your screen to set the dates you want by adding dates to the Publish Date and/or Expiration Date field(s).
  4. Click the Save button.