Question or Issue

After connecting Conga Collaborate to SMTP, emails fail to send.

Causes or Possible Causes

Multiple scenarios cause this error, but if you use Outlook 365 you can check logged error messages on the account's Background Jobs page to see why an email failed to send. To troubleshoot this error, take the following steps:

  1. From within Collaborate, add yourself as a recipient on the People tab of the document build view, and send it to yourself as a test.
  2. A small black envelope appears under your name on the People tab to indicate the document attempted to send.
  3. If the icon's description text indicates delivery failure, go to your Collaborate Org's Reporting page and select the Background Jobs tab.
  4. Search for the title of the document you tried to send, and hover your mouse over it to see the associated error description further detailing why the document failed to send.