To create your contract any way you want, follow these steps

You take a fresh-start approach to building a contract, rely on a template, or work from a Word document.

To create your contract

  1. From your Dashboard or Document List, click the Create button.
  2. Click the Contract on the dropdown menu.
  3. The pop-up window that appears lets you choose to create your contract by
    • Checking Start with a blank contract
    • Checking the template you wish to use
    • Uploading a Word document

After you’ve made your choice, you are taken to the Build view, where you can create and publish your new Contract. Collaborate auto-saves your documents within a half-second of any change you make.

Keeping your contract in draft form means you—and others in your workgroup—can edit it; publishing locks in your content. You can send a contract out only after you’ve published it.