The Properties tab in the document panel includes the following: 


The details tab is a place for the document owner to edit information about this document. Items that can be edited within this tab are Title, Client, Description, Tags, Template, Owner, Value, Expiration Date, and any Document Relationships. The values you place in this tab can also be added into the document as variables during the document build by clicking the Content tab, clicking Variables, and then selecting Document variables. Simply drag and drop them into the document as needed.


A main benefit of Conga Collaborate documents is being able to style them according to your company’s brand preferences. This style is controlled by a Theme. Now, you can access any themes you have available to choose from in this Design tab. Simply use the drop-down menu to select which theme you would like to apply to your document. Remember, your access to Themes is controlled by your Admin, so let them know if you don’t think you are seeing what you need here.


A third tab available in Properties is the Metadata tab, if enabled in your account. Here we can add important information about this document that others may need to use to search for or report on later. Metadata templates need to be set up by an administrator, but, once they are, users can use the drop-down menu to choose which metadata they need to apply to their document.


We take privacy seriously, so we wanted users to be able to control these settings quickly and easily. In this tab, users can enable an access code for their document, share it with specific workgroups or simply make it public or private.


The last tab under the Properties menu is Options. In this tab, you can select download options for the document, enable or disable asynchronous download, select what pages to include, select what signature block to use, and enable or disable printing of the table of contents.