Use Conga Collaborate to share and track Presentations online. Create your presentations from scratch in Conga Collaborate or upload an existing presentation.

You can use Presentations to:

  • Upload a PowerPoint presentation to Conga Collaborate.
  • Assemble an online presentation from uploaded slides.
  • Deliver an online presentation via URL.
  • Email a URL link to meeting participants and track attendees’ viewing patterns in real time.
  • Use presentation timers, speaker notes, and next-slide preview to stay on task during live presentations.
  • Receive real-time notifications when a prospect views a presentation or opens an email.
  • Track the time a recipient spends viewing each slide.

Follow these steps to create a Presentation:

  1. From your Dashboard or Document List, click the Create button.
  2. Click Presentations in the dropdown menu.
  3. From the pop-up window, you can choose to start with a blank document, upload a presentation file (.ppt or .pptx) from your computer, or work from a template.
  4. Click Create. Doing so takes you to the presentation Build View.
  5. Add additional Slides to your Presentation by clicking Content in the top right menu bar and dragging the desired slides to the Table of Contents panel on the left. You can organize your slides by dragging them into the order you want in this panel.
  6. Click the Properties tab to set your title, description, tags, and other properties of your Presentation.
  7. When it’s just as you want it, Publish your Presentation. (Edits are closed after you Publish.)
  8. Click the People tab to share this Presentation. You can use the Tracking feature to find out who’s looking—and for how long.