Conga Composer enables Salesforce customers to customize, streamline and scale document generation and reporting for Salesforce. Composer can automatically populate richly formatted templates with data from any standard or custom object in Salesforce and send it via a variety of delivery options.

The administrator configures Composer Solutions for end-users to run Composer from a button or link on an object in Salesforce. The administrator decides what Salesforce object data to leverage, creates the document templates, dictates formatting, and determines the customization options available to end users. End-users can then click the button to run the solution. 

The administrator can allow end-users to make selections, such as which template to use for the final merged files, or pre-select templates and other options and run the solution entirely in the background, and also automate solutions using Salesforce workflows or on a schedule using Conga Batch and Conga Trigger.

Once documents are created, Composer can also allow you to email documents, send documents for eSignature, or store the documents in services like Box, Google Drive, or OneDrive for safekeeping. 

With the ability to predefine everything from templates and email recipients to activity logging and output file storage, Composer transforms complex routines into single button clicks.

Conga Composer allows an administrator to perform the following administrative tasks:

  • Install and Upgrade Conga Composer from the Salesforce AppExchange.

  • Set up and configure Conga Composer with Conga Composer Setup.
  • Create a Composer Solution.
    • Use the Document Automation Wizard to create and modify a Composer Solution.
    • Use the Composer Solution Manager to create and modify a Composer Solution.
    • Create or modify a Composer Solution manually in Salesforce Setup.
  • Create a Conga Template.
    • Create a Conga Template and add merge fields to the template using the Conga Template Builder or Document Automation Wizard.
    • Conga supports the following file types as Conga Templates:
      • Word
      • Excel
      • PowerPoint
      • PDF
      • HTML Email
  • Gather additional data for a Composer Solution.
    • Use SOQL Queries and Salesforce Reports to gather additional data to merge for a Composer Solution.
  • Customize your Conga Solution with additional behavior.
    • Use Conga Composer parameters to add additional functionality to your Conga Solution.
  • Deliver merged documents.
    • Conga Composer allows you to deliver merged documents through the following methods: 
      • Download in your browser
      • Email
      • Save to Salesforce
      • Save to a third party repository
      • Send for eSignature
      • Post to Chatter
  • Automate file generation and delivery with Conga Batch and Conga Trigger.

Key Terminology

This section lists the terms and their definitions for the Conga Composer application.



Composer instructions that allow administrators to customize the behavior of the Composer solutions. 

Solution Record

A Salesforce record in the Conga Solution object that contains  Composer Solution elements.  

Debug URL

The URL (Composer service generates from an org) to send to Composer Support in order to troubleshoot a solution.

Consolidated Document

Individual merged documents are saved as consolidated into one file.

Distributed Document 

Individually merged documents are saved as separate files.

Text-based Merge Fields 

Merge Fields inserted into the Word document by typing the merge field name surrounded by two curly brackets. For example, {{ACCOUNT_NAME}}

Traditional Merge Fields 

Merge Fields inserted into the Word document using Word merge field functionality. For example, <<ACCOUNT_NAME>>

Local Templates 

Templates stored on a user's local drive instead of in the Conga Template object in Salesforce. It helps you to test that the merged fields are correctly populated in the generated document.

Point-and-Click Interface 

graphical user interface for admins to create and manage Conga Composer solutions very effectively.

For more information about terms used with Conga products, see Conga Product Glossary.