Conga® Solution Query screen.

In addition to using Salesforce® reports to gather information from Salesforce, you may also use SOQL Queries stored in the Conga® Query Manager.

1A list of all queries available to add to your solution. Queries are stored in and retrieved from the Conga Query Manager.
2Click Return to Solution Record to close the Add Queries screen and return to the solution record.
3Click Add Conga Query to Solution Record to add a selected query to the solution.
4Once you select a query, the Query Name and Query ID fields auto-populate. Add an Alias (required) and a Description (optional).
5(Optional) Click Advanced Filter Configuration to add advanced filters (pv0, pv1, pv2) to the selected query.
6(Optional) Click the Create New Conga Query button to open the Conga Query Manager in a new window, allowing you to create an ad-hoc query.