Solution Manager has the built-in functionality to create a Global Merge record and will be automatically added to the Conga Global Merge Records object.

To create a Global Merge solution record in Solution Manager:

  1. Click the Conga Solutions tab.
  2. Click Create New and select Conga Solution.
  3. In the Conga Solution Name field, enter a name for the solution.
  4. In the Master Object field, select Conga Global Merge (APTXConga4_Composer_QuickMerge_c).
  5. Click Create RecordThe new solution opens in the Conga Solution screen.
  6. Add solution components, such as reports, queries, templates, and parameters to your Solution Manager record. Because the Master Object is a Global Merge custom object, you must specify the datasets that populate the templates for your solution.
  7. Click Create Conga Global Merge to move the Button URL from the in Progress area to the Current Button URL area.

You can test, revise, and update the solution record using the buttons in the Button URLs section. For more information on adding components to the solution, see Creating and Managing Solutions using Solution Manager.

When Solution Manager creates the Global Merge record, it also creates a record ID and associates the button with the Global Merge record. You can launch the solution directly from the Conga Solution screen by clicking Launch Composer or the Global Merge object. Global Merge solutions appear on the Conga Global Merges tab.