Use a Global Merge solution with Conga Batch to schedule and send reports. Convert your Conga Courier Solutions to a Global Merge solution and schedule to send the output files automatically with Conga Batch.

Global Merge allows you to gather data from multiple objects or records and supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF templates. Use Conga Batch to schedule your Global Merge solutions on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


To convert Conga Courier solutions to scheduled Global Merge solutions

  1. Create a Conga Global Merge Solution.
  2. Add your data gathering Conga Query to the Global Merge solution and use the Template Builder to create a template.

    It is recommended to use an Excel template for the Global Merge solution.
  3. Create a Conga Email Template to use with the Global Merge solution.
  4. Determine the recipients from the Conga Courier schedule and add their email addresses to the Global Merge solution by leveraging the EmailAdditionalTo parameter.
  5. Add the Conga Template and Conga Email Template to the Global Merge solution, along with any additional behavior parameters (such as DefaultPDF and activity logging parameters).
  6. Create a Conga Batch record and use the Record Id from your Global Merge solution as the Master Object Source on the Conga Batch record.
  7. Convert your Global Merge solution to a formula field using the Formula Builder and set the QMode to Send Email.
  8. Locate the newly created formula field on the Global Merge custom object in Salesforce Setup.
  9. Set the field level security of the formula field to visible for all user profiles.

    Skipping this step will result in an error when the Conga Batch runs.
  10. Enable the Conga Batch Master Switch and create the Salesforce token in Conga Batch Setup.
  11. Navigate back to the Conga Batch record and set its schedule.