Category: DocuSign Integration Parameter

Compatible with: Composer 8

Parameter Name: DocuSignR1SigningGroup

Parameter Value: ID of Signing Group (To obtain the Signing Group ID, navigate to your DocuSign account > Settings > Signing Groups.)

Parameter Requirements: None

Parameter Description: DocuSignR1SigningGroup enables the DocuSign Signing Group functionality with Conga. This allows users to be placed in signing groups.

This parameter can be used 24 times by changing the number after R. DocuSignR2, DocuSignR3, DocuSignR4, ... DocuSignR24.

Due to evolving integration challenges with Conga and DocuSign, the Conga Support Team is no longer able to recreate full DocuSign functionality in test Salesforce environments. This limits the Conga Support Team's capability to test and achieve desired results for this parameter.

The composer must be in API mode for this parameter to work. This means you need to use &DS7=17 or send the DocuSign Agreement using Conga Batch or Conga Trigger (QMode=Docusign).

This parameter can only be assigned to ONE of the intended recipients. Assigning it to more than one recipient in a group will not work. To use these parameters contact DocuSign to enable these features in your production Salesforce Org. Additional fees for these DocuSign features may be required; contact DocuSign to learn more.