Conga Composer now integrates with DocuSign for Salesforce 7. For steps to integrate Conga Composer with versions of DocuSign for Salesforce previous to DocuSign for Salesforce 7, see Setting Up DocuSign for Salesforce.

Customers using an earlier version of DocuSign for Salesforce (6.9 and earlier) do not need to make changes. This is only applicable to DocuSign for Salesforce 7.

Please follow the configuration steps below to integrate Conga Composer and DocuSign for Salesforce 7.

  • Composer Integration with DocuSign for Salesforce 7 requires Composer version 8.167 or later.

    Upgrade Conga Composer to the current version available in the AppExchange.
  • An upgrade is not required if you are using DocuSign for Salesforce 7 and Composer with the Composer parameter &DS7=17 (background mode).
  • Enter your Connect User DocuSign Account credentials into the Conga Composer Setup > Integration Partners > eSignature section.

    Connect User: Salesforce user that authenticates on behalf of all DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce users to the Salesforce service. Also, updates or creates Salesforce records to the configured Salesforce org.
    • DocuSign for Salesforce 7 integration requires you to enter the DocuSign API Account ID, Connect User DocuSign Account Email, and DocuSign Password (App Password) in the aforementioned section.
      • The DocuSign API Account ID is found by navigating to the DocuSign Admin tab in Salesforce and clicking on the Account sub-tab.
      • Enter the DocuSign Account Email.
      • Generate and add an App Password in the DocuSign Password field. For more information on generating an App Password, see App Password authentication.
      • If you customized the default Recipient Role settings in your DocuSign 7 account, a comma-delimited list of the role names is also required in this section.

Please verify the Docusign Account Credentials that are entered for the Connect User. There are no security controls in place that will prevent entering credentials for a different DocuSign Account User.

When updating the Recipient Roles, it is required to re-enter the Connect User Docusign account password before saving.