Launching your Conga Batch solution from a Salesforce List View button allows you to choose the records in your batch on an ad hoc basis rather than using a report’s or query’s filter criteria to determine which records are included.

The benefits of using a List View button include:

  • Easily choose which records you want to use as the Master Object records in the Conga Batch batch by selecting them manually from the list.
  • Select up to 75 records per Conga Batch batch.
  • Optionally, you can also use a Related List Button on an object’s page layout.

The maximum amount of records you can select and merge with a Conga Batch List View button is 75 records. Use a scheduled Conga Batch solution to merge more than 75 records at once. For more information on Conga Batch, contact your Composer Administrator.

To launch Conga Batch from a List View Button

  1. Click the App Icon () > Search and select a respective object where the List View button is configured. In this example, it is configured on the Accounts object.
  2. Select the records for which you want to run the batch.
  3. Click the List View Button. In this example, it is Conga Batch Account Brief.

You are redirected to the Conga Batch User Interface screen. Click Start to start the merge process.