Notification Emails are emails sent to the running Composer user when recipients interact with documents sent from Composer Link Service.

To begin using Notification Emails with Composer Link Service, the Salesforce Org must have Composer Advanced Features provisioned and the Email Notifications feature enabled in Conga Composer Setup.

Contact your Conga Representative to enable the Composer Advanced Features in order to use Email Notifications.

Once provisioned and enabled, add the NETId parameter to a Composer solution that also has the LinkService parameter and other required Composer Link Service parameters to send Notification Emails.

The NETId parameter value must be the 15 or 18 digit record Id of a Conga Email Template record. The Conga Email Template subject and body must contain content or the Notification Email will not send.

A Notification Email is sent to the Composer user that executes and sends the document. A Notification Email is sent to the user the first time the document is opened. Additional Notification Emails are not sent to the user after the initial notification email.

If a Composer solution uses Composer Link Service to deliver a document and the NETId parameter is not present, no Notification Email is sent to the user.