At this point, the main concerns of migrating Conga Composer to Salesforce Lightning have been addressed. However, you may have other considerations based on your specific implementation of Conga Composer. Some of these include:

  • Home Page links
  • JavaScript Buttons
  • Documents and Solution Packs
  • Home Page Links

You cannot create Home Page components for Composer links in Salesforce Lightning. If you have any of these, we recommend moving them to a Global Merge record or using the Utility Builder to design a new layout.

JavaScript Buttons

If you use Conga List View buttons or if you have created a custom Conga JavaScript button, these will not work in Salesforce Lightning. We recommend you choose a different implementation technique or engage Conga Services to build a custom solution for your situation.

Documents and Solution Packs

Documents are not supported in Salesforce Lighting. If you are using existing Conga Solution Packs (which use Documents) or are using Conga templates saved as Documents, you must convert them to Salesforce Files. In Composer 8.15 and newer, you can utilize Quick Starts.