The below table summarizes the limits for each product in the Composer family.

Conga Composer 8

Conga Composer® 8Business EditionEnterprise Edition
Reports per Composer solution (tabular and summary reports only)50100
Rows per Report5,0005,000
Rows per Composer solution (all report(s) and query(ies) combined)25,00050,000
Queries per Composer solution50100
Rows per Query5,00025,000
Template size25 MB25 MB
Number of template(s) per operation20


This limit can be increased to 100 templates on request. Contact your Conga Representative to increase the limit.

Number of attachment(s) per operation150150
Aggregate template size (when specifying multiple templates to use in the merge process)18 MB18 MB
Aggregate output size50 MB250 MB
Columns per worksheet in View Data workbook256256
Querystring variable33

Conga Mail Merge

Conga Mail Merge® LimitsMaximum
Reports per Mail Merge solution1
Rows per Report5,000
Template size5 MB
Local Template size2 MB
Output file size40 MB
Documents per batch (master records)1,500


Mail Merge is a legacy product and intended for Simple documents. The inclusion of Images and Graphics in your template decreases the amount of Master Records that are processed in a Batch.

Conga Query Manager

Conga Query ManagerMaximum
Rows from an aggregated (SUM, COUNT, etc.) query1,000
Rows of data from a query variable (QVar)50

Conga Batch

Conga Batch LimitsMaximum
Records in a batch
  • 200 Records for consolidated output.

  • The maximum number of records per batch for distributed output is 1000 records. It is recommended for large batches to schedule multiple batch operations separated by 15 minute increments. Larger batch operations must adhere to the following constraints:
    • Number of Salesforce API calls per day allowed by the Org
    • Salesforce file storage limits within the org
    • Email providers (such as Salesforce, SendGrid, or AWS SES) limit on the number of emails to be sent per day


Batch output to Amazon S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and BigTinCan is limited to 200 records for consolidated output and 1000 records for distributed output.

Conga Trigger

Conga Trigger®Maximum
Transactions500 per day


The 500 per day maximum can be increased on request. To increase the limit, contact your Conga Representative.

Browser URL Limits

Browser URL LimitsMaximum
Internet Explorer2000 bytes (closer to 1,700 bytes in practice)
Chrome, Firefox, Safari64 KB