Category: Data Gathering Parameter

Compatible with: Composer 8

Parameter Name: QueryID

Parameter Value: [Salesforce ID of a Query record]

Parameter Requirements: None

Parameter Description: QueryID retrieves the SOQL query stored in the specified Salesforce record, executes the SOQL query and makes the SOQL query results available through a dataset as seen on the Template Builder window.

It may optionally include filter criteria.

You may include up to 50 QueryID values in a Conga Composer URL, thus making 50 queries accessible in a single merge operation. Conga Composer will retrieve a query that contains a maximum of 2,500 rows.

Example of two Queries: &QueryId=[contacts]a00143532453dg32,[cases]a00143532453dg32

Note on Query Aliases: An optional query alias may precede the query ID: Enclose the alias in square brackets Minimum 2 characters, maximum 20 Alphanumeric characters only Reserved sheet names may not be used (Master, Org, etc.) The alias must be unique within the button URL Query With Alias: &QueryId=[Contacts]a00143532453dg3 Queries with

Example of two Aliases: &QueryId=[Accounts]a00143532453dg32,[Cases]a0043532453dgF2