Overview of Solution Manager UI.

If you edit your button URL directly from the button, those changes will not be saved in the Solution record. If you go back into the Solution Manager, make additional changes, and then click Update Button, only the changes made in the Solution record will be updated and pushed out to the active button (however, the changes made on the button itself will be saved in the archive as a Note on the Solution Manager record).

1A real-time view of the solution as it is constructed thus far from the Solution Manager record. As you work through a solution and update, the Button Configuration in Progress area will update in real time, but the URL will not become part of the button until you click Create Button or Update Button.
2A view of the currently saved button. The current button configuration appears after you click Create Button and updates after each click of Update Button.
3Launches Conga Composer® so that you can test the currently saved button.