Document Automation Wizard supports dynamic translation for German, French, Dutch, Polish, and Spanish, in addition to English as a default language. It automatically translates to German, French, Dutch, Polish, or Spanish for the Salesforce Users based on their local language set in Salesforce.


  • You must have a minimum Conga Composer version 8.198-Longs installed in your Salesforce org to leverage German, French, Dutch, Polish, and Spanish dynamic translations.

  • Due to Salesforce Limitations, the following custom tabs and labels in corresponding child pages are not translated into German, French, Dutch, Polish, and Spanish:

    • Conga Solutions

    • Conga Templates

    • Conga Email Templates

    • Conga Queries

    • Conga Global Merges

    • Document Histories

To set dynamic translation

  1. Under your Salesforce Profile, select Settings.
  2. Click Languages & Time Zone.
  3. Change the Language field to Deutsch (German), Français (French), Nederlands (Dutch), Polski (Polish), or Español (Spanish).
  4. Click Save.