Category: Template Selection Parameter

Compatible with: Composer 8

Parameter Name: TemplateId

Parameter Value: [Template record ID]

Parameter Requirements: None

Parameter Description: The TemplateId parameter pre-selects the template(s) specified in the Template List box. Arrange multiple template ids in the order you want them to merge.   


You can include up to 20 Template Ids in Composer Business Edition and up to 40 Template Ids in Composer Enterprise Edition. Composer Enterprise Edition limit can be increased to 100 templates on request. Contact your Conga Representative to increase the limit. Additional product data limits apply.

With multiple templates specified and the output format set to:

  • Adobe PDF, the system will convert each output file to PDF, join the collection and return a single PDF.
  • Same as Template, the system will return a zipped file containing each output file. To return a zipped collection of PDFs, include the parameter &ZipPDFs=1.

You may use an alias with the template ID to override the output document file name. For more details regarding changing the file name on merge, refer to the OFN parameter documentation. 

Do not include symbols unsupported in filenames,:,#,", \, /, >, <, etc. Character length is from 2 to 80 characters.