The Conga Batch Dashboard tab monitors Conga Batch batches and lists errors for any records that failed to process.

Click the Conga Batch Dashboard tab.

Org ID displays the Salesforce Organization ID.

API Floor is the number of daily API requests at which, if reached, Conga Batch will cease to operate. Please see the topic on the Conga Batch Setup tab for details on setting an API floor.

Expires displays the Conga Batch subscription expiration date.

Conga Batch Log displays details of the Conga Batch batches run in the last 24 hours. The Status column displays whether the batch was successfully completed or failed. Click a failed batch to view the error details in the Conga Batch Errors pane.

API Usage Status displays the number of daily API requests that have been consumed as well as the total number of API requests allowed per 24 hour period.

Error List displays details of records that have failed within Conga Batch batches run in the last 24 hours. The Record ID column displays the Master Object ID of the record within a Conga Batch batch that failed. The Error Text column displays the error message, providing details of why that particular record failed.