To transition from a Courier to a Composer and Batch solution, take the following steps:

  1. Convert Data Gathering Reports to Conga Queries.
  2. Build a Conga Global Merge Solution
  3. Add the query you created from Step 1 to the solution and use the template builder to build a template

    We recommend using an Excel template for this step. 

  4. Create a Conga email template to use with Global Merge. 
  5. Determine from the Courier schedule who the recipients are and add those email addresses to the Global Merge Solution using the EmailAdditionalTo parameter.
  6. Add the Template and Email Template to Global Merge along with any additional desired behavior parameters (for example: defaultpdf, field update, activity logging, etc). The final solution should look similar to the following screenshot: 
  7. Create a Conga Batch Record and use the Record Id from your Global Merge as the Master Object Source.
  8. Convert your Global Merge Solution to a formula field using the Formula Builder and set Qmode to Send Email.
  9. Go to Salesforce Setup > Conga Global Merge to find the field you created and set Field Level Security to visible as shown in the screenshot below.

    This step is required. Not setting Field Level Security to visible results in an error when Batch runs. 

  10.  Enable the Conga Batch Master Switch and create a Salesforce token through Conga Batch setup and then return to the Batch record to set the schedule.