Category: Template Selection Parameter

Compatible with: Composer 8 and Composer 7

Parameter Name: SelectTemplates

Parameter Value: [0, 1 or 2]

Parameter Requirements: None

Parameter Description: The SelectTemplates parameter displays the Multiple Template Selection dialog box which allows users to select and arrange up to 20 templates.

You can select templates from any of the following sources:

  • Conga Template Manager
  • Salesforce Content
  • Salesforce Documents Tab

The Salesforce Content Title and Description fields can be located by a search using the dialog box. At this time, the attachments are not indexed.

Salesforce Content may be suppressed by including the &HideContent=1 parameter. Salesforce Content can be set as the default option by including the &DefaultPane=1 parameter.


  • This parameter works especially well with the TemplateGroup parameter, which can be used to ensure that each template has appropriate merge fields.
  • This parameter also works especially well as an inline window, rather than as a traditional pop-up window.
  • If Background Mode (&DS7) is also included, a template must be selected.
  • This parameter does not work with a Qvar that results in a list of template IDs.

0Select Templates is disabled. (default)
1Select Templates is enabled.
2Select Templates is enabled but the Multiple Template Selection dialog box is skipped, allowing for the selection of multiple templates on an ad-hoc basis from the regular Conga Composer user interface.