Category: Adobe eSign Integration Parameter

Compatible with: Composer 8

Parameter Name: ESAgreementTemplateId

Parameter Value: [Salesforce ID of an Adobe eSign Agreement Template]

Parameter Requirements: ESVisible

Parameter Description: ESAgreementTemplateId (Adobe eSign Agreement Template Id) specifies the Adobe eSign Agreement Template.

Conga Composer applies all of the settings from the specified Adobe eSign Agreement Template to the Adobe eSign Agreement record with the merged output file attached. The Adobe eSign Agreement Template values supersede other Adobe eSign parameters.

An Adobe eSign Agreement Template allows you to specify multiple Adobe eSign Agreement fields (signature type, subject, language, and so on).

The Auto Send checkbox on the Agreement Template page layout is not compatible with Conga Composer release 8 because the process that auto-sends executes before Composer has a chance to attach the output file from the merge operation. Instead, use &DS7=14 with &ESSVBA=1 (the Composer Background Mode that automatically sends the Agreement after the output file has been attached).

Adobe eSign Agreement templates are not compatible with Composer in Salesforce Professional Edition. Composer requires access to the Salesforce API to use Agreement templates; Salesforce Professional Edition orgs do not have access to the Salesforce API.