Revenue Lifecycle Platform (RLP) is designed to run on any world-class cloud infrastructure provider. This provides Conga with the opportunity to run on whichever cloud infrastructure is best for our business and our customers.

The Revenue Lifecycle Cloud is a comprehensive suite of solutions powered by the Conga Revenue Lifecycle Platform. These solutions simplify complex processes and ensure certainty throughout the revenue cycle. From generating proposals and quotes for prospects to negotiating and finalizing contracts, managing billing, invoicing, fulfilling obligations, and renewing and expanding accounts, Conga manages these processes seamlessly to drive increased customer lifetime value.

The Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud ensures that your critical information, such as pricing, contracts, data, templates, etc., remains secure, current, and accessible across different processes and systems. With Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud on the Conga Platform, it's effortless to share files, storage, data, etcetera across your organization, regardless of the systems used by individual teams and enables seamless integration of Conga solutions throughout the entire revenue cycle.

Why Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud

The Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud increases revenue efficiency and predictability by addressing the specific complexities in your organization's revenue cycle. From identifying the revenue pipeline to capturing and managing it, the Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud offers complete solutions for proposal and quote generation, negotiation and execution, management and fulfillment, and renewal and expansion. The Revenue Lifecycle Platform that powers the Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud is flexible, scalable, high-performing, and comprehensive. Our API-first approach allows customers to seamlessly integrate our solutions with any software they use in their business.


  • Unified Process: Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud brings currently disparate people and processes together on a common platform architecture with a unified data model.
  • Multiple User Experiences or Choices: Conga solutions do not limit customers to a single user experience (UX). Instead, customers can benefit from the end-to-end solutions of Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud where they are most comfortable – be it the Conga UX, commercial applications UX (e.g., Salesforce, ServiceNow, etc.), or even their own UX using Conga’s APIs.
  • Highly Configurable: Conga Solutions are built to be extensible. This means that customers can configure solutions to meet their unique business process without customization. This makes subsequent upgrades easy to implement.