You can filter the view of records in the grid by performing a keyword search, filtering the list by column value, or applying one or more advanced filters and filter logic. You can then save your filtered view of a record and set it as the default view, so there is no need to reselect the filters every time you open the Grid View (List View). For more information, see Managing Views.

After applying a column filter, if the user tries to apply a keyword or advance search, the column filter criteria will not be retained, and the result will be displayed based on the keyword or advance search.

To filter records by keyword

  1. Place your cursor in the search bar (at the top of the grid) and enter a keyword search term.
  2. Click the search icon or press Enter to filter the records by keyword.

The grid refreshes to show the filtered list—columns that have the keyword filter applied to them.

To filter records using advanced search

  1. Click the Advanced Search () icon to open the filter dialog.
  2. To specify the filter criteria, create simple or complex queries by entering values in the following fields:

    Field Name



    Select a field to be used in the filter criteria.

    The application initially pulls the list of fields from the search settings, and if no fields are enabled for search for the object, it displays indexed fields from the database.

    OperatorSelect an operator from the drop-down. The operator defines the relationship between the field and the value. The list of available operators varies depending on the data type of the chosen field.
    ValueEnter the value of the field. The type of value field depends on the field selected.
  3. To add another filter criteria, click Add Criteria and repeat step 2.
    By default, two or more rows share an AND (Boolean operator) relationship.
  4. To specify the filter logic between multiple rows, enable the Logic toggle.
  5. Specify your logic in the Filter Logic field. The supported filter logic operators are AND and OR. Use parentheses to set the order of operations.
    For example, if you have five rows, you can create a filter logic such as (((1 AND 3) OR (2 AND 4)) AND 5).
  6. Click Apply to filter the list of records based on the criteria you defined.

To filter records by column

  1. Click or mouse hover on a column name and click the Filter by () icon to display the drop-down controls.
  2. Select an operator from the Select an option drop-down.
  3. Enter or select the value to filter the records by the specified column value.
  4. Click the Apply () button.

When you apply the advanced search or column-level filters, you can see the applied filters at the top of the grid as well as the total number of applied filters next to the Advanced Search icon. You can remove a single filter by clicking the cancel icon next to the filter name, or you can remove all filters by clicking the Clear All button.