The Page Layout Editor is a powerful tool that allows you to customize the appearance and functionality of entity record pages and record detail pages in a user-friendly manner. It provides a drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to control the layout and placement of various components.

You can modify the layout of any basic business object or entity as well as a customized entity.

Key features of the Page Layout Editor:

  1. Configure Entity Information on Grid View: Determine the specific fields and data that are displayed when viewing a list of records. You can choose which attributes or properties of an entity (such as an email or a contact) are shown in the grid view.
  2. Manage Record-Level Entities: Manage the appearance and behavior of individual records or entities.
  3. Related Lists (Sections): Related lists are typically used to display records related to the current record being viewed. For example, if you are viewing a customer record, related lists could include their orders, contacts, or support cases. The Page Layout Editor enables you to manage these related lists, including which related entities are displayed and the ordering of the lists.

  4. Define Rules for Individual Fields: Define rules for individual fields within a record. You can control which fields are visible, editable, or required when viewing or editing a specific record.

Layout Editor UI Overview

The layout editor user interface has three main sections: Schema, Widget, and Properties

  1. Schema Allows you to control which entities or objects are displayed on a page and in what order. You can search for and drag entities in your page layout.
  2. Widget – Allows you to add a new section for related lists on the record detail page and easily rearrange its position by dragging and dropping it above or below other sections.
  3. Properties Allows you to configure specific properties for any component, section, form field, or button highlighted on the Grid View or Record Detail pages.

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