After you create a user, you can view, edit, and clone the user from the list page. You can manage column width, control which columns are displayed in the grid, freeze/pin a column range, or rearrange the column order. You can also filter the view of records in the grid by performing a keyword search, filtering the list by column value, or applying one or more advanced filters and filter logic. For more information, see Managing View Settings and Filtering Records.

To view the user information, click the User Name link from the User List page.

To edit a user

  1. Click the user name link from the User List page, or click the More () icon at the start of the user record.
  2. Click Edit. The User Details page appears in edit mode.

    For Conga IDP organization users, the external ID field remains read-only, and only Conga IDP organization users can update it. Salesforce IDP users must add their unique Salesforce ID as an external ID. A user with an incorrect external ID cannot access the Conga platform application.

  3. Make the necessary changes.

  4. Click Save.
  • You can convert an external user to a community user, and vice versa, when the Enable Guest & Customer Community User option is enabled.
  • You cannot convert a community user to an external user if the Enable Guest & Customer Community User option is disabled.
  • If you change the user's external ID, the user is deactivated, and a new user is created with the updated external ID and all of the information from the deactivated user.

To clone a user

  1. Click the More () icon at the start of the user record.
  2. Click Clone. The Clone User popup appears.
  3. Enter the user's external ID. This can be any unique alphanumeric text used to identify the user.

    The External ID is necessary for Salesforce or other Identity Providers (IDPs), except for Conga IDP.
  4. Enter the user name. The username is necessary for Conga IDP login. For Salesforce users, it is only used for informational purposes.
  5. Click Save.