The Contract Intelligence administrator must establish a link to the publisher that hosts the document extraction engine's API. This includes setting the API, its endpoint path, ID and security token.   

To set up the publisher API

The publisher API refers to the publisher of the provisions. In current practice, this is Conga Contract Intelligence, which provides fundamental and standard provisions, as well as access to premium provisions.


  • You have set up the app.

  • You have the required API URL and token (this is a second API, specifically to communicate with the AI publisher).
  • You know the AI name and your tenant name.

Conga endpoints, API URLs, and tenant information are emailed to new customers. If you lack any of the above prerequisites, ask Conga for help.

  1. Click the App Configuration tab in the left navigation bar to open the App Configuration window. 
  2. Click the PUBLISHER API SETTINGS tab.
  3. Click Configure to raise Connection API Settings.
  4. Name or accept the name of the connection and enter the IDE Service URL, API URL, tenant, and tokens as required by the AI publisher's API. 
  5. Click SAVE
  6. If the configuration is valid, the application sets up and tests the API, then syncs the Provision Library and displays a success banner.

After you have set up the publisher API, you can define the extractions.