In these release notes, you can find packages, requirements, features, enhancements, fixed issues, and known issues for the Contract Intelligence June '23 release. For documentation updates, see What's New in Contract Intelligence Documentation.


This documentation may describe optional features for which you have not purchased a license; therefore, your solution or implementation may differ from what is described here. Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Account Executive (AE) to discuss your specific features and licensing.


The following packages and dependencies are required to upgrade to this release and use its new features. These are the minimum required versions; later versions are also supported. Prerequisites for each feature can be found in its documentation. Packages marked (New) are new for this release.


You can register your org for the Conga Push Upgrade. Conga Push Upgrade is an automated tool that upgrades packages available in your Salesforce org (Production or Sandbox) to the latest versions. In addition, it also ensures all the Conga published managed packages are on the latest versions for your registered orgs. For more information, see Registering for Conga Push Upgrade.

PackageLatest Certified Version
NameNumberRequired for
Conga Base Library (New)4.1.2454.245CLM integration

Conga Contract Lifecycle Management 

Conga Contracts11.1.13Conga Contracts Integration

Conga CLM (Contracts for Salesforce)

2.80Contracts for Salesforce integration
Conga Approvals14.1.37114.371
Conga Approvals Center13.4.013.4
Conga CLM Configuration Integration15.1.018115.181
Conga Configuration & Pricing15.1.209015.2090
Conga CPQ Approvals13.2.2513.25
Conga Grid 3.433.43
Conga Quote Approvals
Conga Quote Configuration Integration15.1.040015.4
Conga Quote Management 13.1.026613.266

System Requirements and Supported Platforms

For requirements and recommendations to consider before installing the Conga product suite, see System Requirements and Supported Platforms Matrix.

New Features 

The following features are new to Conga Contract Intelligence in this release.

Extract Complete Paragraph

Administrators can configure a data extraction mapping to extract only matching clauses or the whole paragraph in which the clause is matched. See Mapping Data Extractions

Compare with Standard Clause

Contract Intelligence displays a comparison between the extracted/identified clause and the language of the standard provision. See Reviewing Imported Documents.


The following enhancement was implemented in this release.

Skip Review

Administrators can configure data extraction mappings to skip a review. See Mapping Data Extractions

Fixed Issues

The following issues were fixed in this release.

Case NumberConga Internal IDDescription

Reuploading a deleted document from dashboard and completing review results in an At least 1 record is required  error.

N/ACONTRACTS-9663Reviewing documents with large extractions produce status code Error 413. Request size is too large.

Saved picklist values do not persist.


If user selects text to highlight before editing the date, the user input value is not passed on review completion. Fixing the end date in the review screen produces a Cannot deserialize instance of date from VALUE_STRING value 5) years or request may be missing a required field at [line:1, column:129] error.


Viewing a document with several pages results in a timeout error even though the session is still active, with many validatetoken calls followed by Error 429: Too Many Requests  showing as a timeout/stale login error.


When containers restart with large document uploads, the documents get stuck in the processing state.

N/ACONTRACTS-6691Saving documents to CRM results in CCI Storage limit exceeded error.
N/ACONTRACTS-6690The Cannot serialize instance of double from VALUE_String error does not show the provision name.
N/ACONTRACTS-5413Field extractions by CCI or the reviewer do not reliably link to the document source location.

Known Issues

The following table provides the cumulative list of known issues up to this release.

Conga Internal IDDescription


When customer documents fail processing in Ghostscript, the Max error is lost and the document hangs in OCR processing.


Reviewing documents with large extractions produce status code Error 413. Request size is too large.


Saving documents to CRM results in CCI Storage limit exceeded error.


The Cannot serialize instance of double from VALUE_String error does not show the provision name.


Clicking the Open status option from the Review Intelligent Document Import screen raises a window that is not appropriate for the current user interface version.

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