Access the Provision Library by clicking the Provision Library tab in the left navigation bar. 

The Provision Library provides a listing of all mapped provisions that can be applied when a document is imported for extraction. You cannot edit or delete Fundamental, Standard, or Premium provisions. You can, however, update them through syncing.  

The Provision Library includes a column defining each provision as a field, a clause, or an unmapped provision. A field is a provision that contains a value: a date, a duration, a percentage, or an amount of money. A clause is a provision that contains language, but no values. An unmapped provision is a provision that has been detected, but has not been selected for inclusion in extractions.

To view provision details

The Provision Library's default layout provides information about stored provisions at a glance, including the provision name, type, publisher, and last sync date for all provisions.

Clicking a provision's name opens a detail view for that provision.

Syncing Provisions

Syncing the Provision Library brings in new provisions and updates existing provisions from the AI service provider. It is a good idea to synchronize regularly, to get new provisions from the publisher and to benefit from ongoing improvements to the AI.

To sync the Provision Library

  1. Click the Provision Library tab in the left navigation bar to open the Provision Library.
  2. Click the Sync Library button. 
  3. Contract Intelligence syncs all available provisions. This can take a considerable amount of time.