Conga Contract Intelligence integrates Conga's powerful Contract Intelligence machine learning engine to its suite of contract lifecycle management tools, Conga Contracts, Conga Contracts for Salesforce, and Conga CLM. Entering through these familiar front ends, you can now use artificial intelligence to import and extract terms, fields, and clauses from contracts.

Administrators must set up the tool, integrating Contract Intelligence to their user interface, setting up the target storage backend if needed, and establishing links to the AI. Once the tool is set up, the Administrator maps agreement types (for example, Master Service Agreement, Nondisclosure Agreement, or Independent Contractor Agreement) to predefined terms (fields or clauses). Contract Intelligence applies these mapped terms to ingested documents, capturing, highlighting, and creating searchable metadata (dates, amounts, Booleans, or custom values) for detected contract provisions. User administration is managed in the host CLM tool (Contracts, Contracts for Salesforce, or CLM).

Users' primary roles are to import documents and review them once they are imported. This flow also enables users to train the AI on any custom provisions described by the administrator. 

Contract Intelligence offers three choices for imported documents: OCR (text only), Automated Extraction, and Verified Extraction. OCR is fastest, ingesting and storing imported documents as searchable text, but offering no contract provision extraction. Automated Extraction provides artificial intelligence and machine learning to extract contract provisions and generate searchable metadata about contracts. Verified Extraction introduces an attorney into the process to review and validate the Contract Intelligence AI interpreter's accuracy. 

Actor Survey

  • Sets up Contract Intelligence. 
    • Sets up the app.
    • Sets up the AI provider.
    • Establishes the Provision Library.
  • Sets up rules for AI interpretation and extraction of documents.
  • Configures and ranks contract risks for Insights feature.
  • Selects and introduces documents for import.
  • Reviews imported and extracted documents. 
  • Trains the AI for custom provisions

Key Terms

automated extractionExtraction relying on AI only, without an attorney review.
CCIAbbreviation for "Conga Contract Intelligence." Was the Contract Wrangler application.
extractThe process of taking an OCRed file and determining the meaning of its component paragraphs and clauses using AI. 
IDDIntelligent Data Discovery. IDD is the API that Conga components call to broker a request to an AI, such as Kira, Brightleaf, or Conga Contract Intelligence.
IDEIntelligent Data Extraction
OCR (text extraction) OCR is an abbreviation for "Optical Character Recognition." OCR (text extraction) is a processing phase for documents in CCI. When a document is introduced to the system, it is OCRed (if necessary) and stored. 
taggingMarking a document with metadata. 
third-party paper

In a contract negotiation, documents imported from the counterparty in the negotiation. 

verified extractionExtraction relying on AI plus attorney review.