The latest changes for Contract Intelligence for SFDC are shown below. 

DocumentPublication DateTopicDescription
February '24

No changes

Maintenance release

January '24


Documentation added for enhanced Advanced Search feature. 

December '23


Contract Intelligence supports resubmitting bulk uploads to reprocess documents that have been erroneously recognized or interpreted.

October '23


Contract Intelligence supports deploying and training custom provisions.

Based-on provision feature

Custom provision training flows aided by preconfiguring approximate matches from existing provisions. 

Skip duplicates on upload

File handling is enhanced to prevent file duplication on upload.

June '23


Compare with Standard Clause

Contract Intelligence displays a comparison between the extracted/identified clause and the language of the standard provision.

Extract Complete Paragraph

Users can choose to extract only matching clauses or the whole paragraph in which the clause is matched.

Skip Review

Administrators can configure data extraction mappings to skip a review.
February '23


Bulk Upload from CLMNew feature
Custom ProvisionsNew feature
Product name changeProduct was named "Contract Intelligence for CLM." Product is now named "Contract Intelligence."
September '22


Bulk UploadNew feature
Setting Up InsightsNew feature
Defining RisksNew feature
ProvisionsAdded detailed compendium of provisions.
Contract Intelligence for REST API Developers

Imported IDD REST API documentation from Max project.

Added APIs for bulk upload, insights, and training.

May '22


All topics New product