An additional form contains fields designed to capture information that is not captured in default Conga Contracts program screens, but your company deems as important information for a contract, company, or project. An additional form can be optional or required, and a prompt will continue to display in a Company, Contract, or Project Profile until a required form is captured by adding it to the profile. An additional form can be added to a profile more than once, unless it is a single-use form, which only allows the form to be captured once.

Although the Contract Profile is used in the screen shots below, the same components are present in the Company Profile and Project Profile.

  1. Open the Contract, Company, or Project Profile that needs the additional form.
  2. In the Links section of the screen, click the Additional Forms link. If a required form has not been captured (added), the Additional Forms browse screen automatically displays every time the profile is opened until the form is captured.
  3. Locate the additional form you want to capture, and click on it to select it.
  4. If a completed Additional Form Profile displays instead of the browse screen, it is a single-use form that has already been captured, and therefore, you cannot capture the form a second time. However, you can edit the form, and view and history of changes made to the form.
  5. In the Additional Forms browse screen, click New [Form Name] in the toolbar.
  6. If you are adding a single-use form, the Additional [Form Name] Profile screen displays, instead of the browse screen.
  7. In the Additional [Form Name] Profile screen:
  8. Populate the required fields.
  9. (Optional) Populate the optional fields.
  10. Click Save