A user with the List Admin permission must provide item selections for the Document Types field list after at least one item selection has been added to the Document Type Group field list since a document type associated with document type group. When item selections have been added to both lists, users are able to add a document to a Company, Contract, or Project Profile.

The Document Types list is used to classify the documents that are uploaded to a Contract, Company, or Project Profile. For example, contract document types can include the various stages of a contract, such as Draft, Final Version, and Executed Document.

  1. Click the Gear Icon in the Navigation Toolbar, and click the Lists link in the menu.
  2. In the List Administration screen, enter document in the Search field and press the ENTER key on your keyboard.
  3. In the Document category, click theDocument Typeslist to display the existing list items in the right side of the screen.


    If the list is lengthy, click Excel in the toolbar to download a spreadsheet showing the existing list items before adding a new one.

  4. Click Add in the toolbar to display a blank New Item record:
    • Click in the Name field and enter a name for the document type list item.
    • (Optional) Click in the Description field and enter information that will display when a user hovers over the list item.
    • Click in the Group field to enable the list, and select the appropriate group for the document type list item.
    • (Optional) Click in the Retention Period field and enter the amount of time (in months) this document type will be retained in the system after the status of the Contract Profile is changed to an Inactive status. The Retention Period option is applied only to documents uploaded to a Contract Profile.


      If a retention period is set, a document uploaded to a Contract Profile will automatically purged from the system at the end of the retention period once the status of the Contract Profile is changed to Inactive. For example, if the status of the Contract Profile is changed to Inactive on 11/30/2017 and the retention period is 12 months, the document will be purged on 11/30/2018.

    • Leave the value at 0 to retain the document type indefinitely.
    • (Optional) Click the Analyze Clauses check box to apply the Clause Identification and Management feature when a user uploads a document of this type to a Contract Profile.(Optional) Click the Disabled check box to temporarily remove this group from the list of options when adding a document type list item. Optional) Click the Role Security check box to allow security to be applied to this document through a user role.When a Role Admin adds a user role, they can grant or deny users holding this role access to this document type, as well as the level of access if permission is granted.
  5. Click Save.